SAS® Report Writing: Simply the Basics

Sunday, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation

This course teaches the various methods to produce detail, summary, tabular, statistical and graphical reports in the SAS System. Attendees learn how to create custom-looking reports with the PRINT and FORMS procedures; use the FREQ procedure to produce one-, two-, and three-way tables; create descriptive statistical output with the MEANS and UNIVARIATE procedures; use the TABULATE procedure to produce tables of data; create custom reports with the REPORT procedure; use the DATA step to create custom detail and summary level reports, as well as multiple reports from a single DATA step; apply user-defined formats and labels to enhance the appearance of SAS output; develop detail and summary level reports; and control how output looks and where it is sent using Output Delivery System (ODS).

Lafler, Kirk PaulKirk Paul Lafler is consultant and founder of Software Intelligence Corporation and has been programming in SAS since 1979. He is a SAS Certified Professional and provider of IT consulting services and training to SAS users around the world. As an author of five books including PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS, Second Edition (SAS Institute. Spring 2013) and PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS (SAS Institute. 2004), he has written more than five hundred papers and articles, been an Invited speaker at three hundred-plus SAS International, regional, special-interest, local, and in-house user group conferences/meetings, and is the recipient of 22 “Best” contributed paper, hands-on workshop (HOW), and poster awards. His popular SAS Tips column, “Kirk’s Korner of Quick and Simple Tips,” appears regularly in several SAS User Group newsletters and web sites, and his fun-filled SASword Puzzles are featured in and many SAS Newsletters.

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